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We charge fixed professional fees* for the following standard type transactions:

Sale (residential)

See SELLING for more information

Purchase (residential)

See BUYING for more information

Contract review (residential)

See CONTRACT REVIEW for more information 

Off the plan purchase (residential)

See BUYING for more information

Lease (commercial or retail) - landlord

See LEASING for more information

Lease (commercial or retail) - tenant

See LEASING for more information

Power of attorney (general)

See OTHER SERVICES for more information

Power of attorney (enduring)

See OTHER SERVICES for more information

Our legal costs 

Our legal costs comprise:


  • our professional fee; and

  • disbursements (being expenses that we incur on your behalf during a transaction, e.g. property searches, property inspection reports, land registry fees, etc.).

Our legal costs vary for each transaction, depending on:

  • the nature of the property;

  • the transaction type;

  • the complexity of the legal issues; and

  • your requirements and expectations. 

Our professional fees are competitive and affordable.


Legal costs estimate

At the beginning of a transaction, we provide you with an estimate of our legal costs. If circumstances change during the course of a transaction requiring us to revise our estimate, we provide you with a revised estimate as soon as practicable. 


*Fixed professional fees

As noted above, we charge fixed professional fees for certain standard type transactions.


However, if additional work is required beyond the standard type of work normally required for these types of transactions, we may have to charge an additional professional fee for this additional work. Additional disbursements may also be incurred beyond the standard disbursements, e.g. additional property searches or reports may be required. If we anticipate having to charge you additional legal costs during the course of a transaction, we let you know as soon as possible.


Legal costs agreement

All of the above legal costs are set out in a costs disclosure and/or costs agreement at the beginning of a transaction.

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